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Facts About The Elderberry Tree

The elderberry tree is found in many areas along the fence line that provides a nice, attractive boarder. It is commonly grown in areas where humidity is high and it stays wet frequently. It can also be found growing on its own along the wetlands including the swamps and some lakes.

In some areas, they are even found in the canals. Both Florida and the Gulf of Mexico areas have an abundance of elderberry trees.

The elderberry tree can be a very large tree to grow – with an overall size ranging from 10 to 20 feet. However, it can take anywhere from 7 to 20 years to reach this point.

This tree can provide a very unique type of landscaping in your area as well. It is nice to have something so lovely that not everyone around you is featuring in their own yard. It can help your home to stand out in a positive way.

Attractive For Birds And Wildlife

Individuals who want to attract birds to their home should consider growing the elderberry tree. More than 50 different species of birds are known to consume the berries that grow on them.

If you live in an area where there is wildlife around, you just may wake up one day to find some deer eating them as well.

In the summer months, the elderberry tree has distinct white flowers on it.

Medicinal Properties

The berries that grow on the tree are believed to have healing properties for a variety of different health problems. This is one of the reasons many choose to grow the elderberry tree. They want to have access to the product that can help them maintain a healthy immune system and fight a variety of diseases.

While there isn’t any documentation to help prove its medicinal properties, there are many people who swear by its health benefits.

Using Elderberries in Recipes

Elderberries taste excellent in a variety of great dishes. They include:




Meaning Of The Elderberry Tree

The elderberry tree has been around for a very long time - since the ancient times of the Romans.

They believed that by eating elderberries, they would have a very long and healthy life. This is also something that has been passed along in the Roman cultures. You'll find this tree in their many forms of art.

To the Romans, the elderberry tree indicates:



Good fortune

Today, people all over the world are enjoying these trees in many different ways. At the very least, they are enjoying the elderberries picked from the tree or a concentrate made from the berries. It is a billion dollar industry with some areas that grow nothing but the elderberry tree successfully for such reasons.

If you are interested, take some time to survey your yard. Do you have room to offer such a plant space? What are your intentions for the elderberries that are produced? To find out where you can get what you need to start them in your own yard, talk to your local nursery owners. And if you can’t get them there, explore your options online.



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